This will not be news to you, but if you want to reach a young, slightly more female audience in cinema, Halloween and horror movies in general are where you should put your ad. If you take a look at the visual below, you’ll see a strong female representation in both the 15-24 and 25-34 age group.


Summer is when the Big Movies are out and people flock to the Big Screens en masse. It’s great entertainment in a nice and cool environment and there’s no need to put a towel on a beach chair in the early hours to make sure  you have the best seat in the house.


summer promo

The Summer Promo is back and we couldn’t be happier! What’s not to like? Big Movies and a Big, enthusiastic audience in the absolute best medium for Attention and Emotion. And this summer is going to be Bigger and Better than ever. No, really!!

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