Unveiling the Power of Cinema:
Maximizing Audience Engagement
on the Silver Screen

Cinema has long been recognized as a medium that captivates audiences and evokes deep emotional responses. Now, we have concrete evidence to support this claim.

Through a series of research studies conducted in collaboration with Professor Jelle Demanet at Apollo 8, we have gained valuable insights into the implicit and neurological aspects of audience engagement.


In previous studies, we demonstrated that larger screens result in a greater emotional impact, and we were the first to introduce multi-platform attention measurements in 2018. Our research revealed that cinema advertising achieves an impressive 85% active attention from viewers. To put this into perspective, we compared these results with other media, such as print, online, and TV, and even calculated the actual cost of active attention per medium.

Building on our previous findings, we continue to innovate by harnessing the power of AI algorithms and advanced measuring tools. Our research takes place in a real cinema environment, with a genuine and unbiased audience experiencing a normal viewing experience. By discreetly positioning cameras capable of facial and emotion recognition based on AI technology, we are able to capture and analyze audience responses without disrupting their movie experience.

Technical aspects of our research involve setting up a 4K camera below the screen to capture a significant portion of the audience. In our latest study, we had a minimum of 84 respondents at any given moment. The recorded content is then analyzed by Dr. Jelle Demanet, who utilizes scientific knowledge and AI algorithms to detect active attention and emotional states throughout the ad-reel. Every frame is labeled with the percentage of the audience looking at the screen and the corresponding emotional response.

Our findings demonstrate that cinema advertising maintains 81% active attention throughout the ad-reel, a level unmatched by most other media. Furthermore, we discovered that longer ads capture more attention than shorter formats, making them ideal for conveying engaging narratives on the big screen.



Interestingly, our research highlighted that viewers pay particularly high attention to the jingle introducing the ad-reel, resulting in positive emotions. This suggests that audiences are actually happy when the ads begin, challenging the perception that ads are universally disliked.



To illustrate our results, we showcased an ad for Payconic by Bancontact, analyzing positive emotions and attention frame-by-frame. The humorous moments in the ad generated positive responses from viewers, with consistent attention and emotional peaks observed across different audiences and locations. Payconic also performed exceptionally well in terms of brand recall and awareness.

In conclusion, our research demonstrates the unparalleled audience engagement and emotional impact that cinema advertising offers. By participating in our Black Box events, advertisers can gain valuable insights into how their ads are perceived and make informed decisions to maximize their campaign’s effectiveness.


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