Enjoy your next trip to Brightcity,
and win a one-week cinema campaign!

“Brightcity? What on earth”

Well… you may remember our three previous visuals: the diner, the bedroom and – that special one – the tattoos; In those lovely pieces of art you had to look for 10 hidden movies. Well, we have a fourth one now. Presenting: The Brightcity.

Brightcity is a complex drawing made by Arnaud Kool, a very talented artist living in Brussels. For our concept he created a visual of a busy street surrounded by shops.

Shops that contain clues for 10 movies. So, have a good look around, imagine yourself walking in this street and try to find the 10 hidden movies. If you manage to find them all, you can win a ONE-WEEK CINEMA CAMPAIGN.*

You have until 20/4/23 to participate.

One important tip: these movies will be in cinemas between now and the end of June.

If you need help, you can always rely on our faithful Movie Calendar where you can find all the movies that will be released in these months.

20 lucky participants will receive a signed, numbered, and framed copy.

Click on the image for the high-resolution poster.

Think you found them all? Go to and let us know.

Beware, we made things quite difficult this time, so don’t hesitate to share this work of art with friends and colleagues. It really is hide-and-seek on a higher level ;-)

In any case, enjoy the competition and… may the best person win!

*Terms and conditions

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