This will not be news to you, but if you want to reach a young, slightly more female
audience in cinema,
 Halloween and horror movies in general are where
you should put your ad.
If you take a look at the visual below,
you’ll see a strong female representation
in both the 15-24 and 25-34 age group.

So for all you brands looking for that specific target audience, you know what to do.
And just in case you don’t, here’s a hint: we created a specific, 
tailor-made HORROR PACK, just for you.

From W40-44 (27/09-31/10) – 5 weeks in total – with a guaranteed reach of
220.000 visitors, 
among which 50.000 girls/women between 15-24.

Content-wise, we have quite the line-up in store:

Headliner this year? The Nun 2; the long awaited sequel to the massive hit from 2018. See the estimated profile data below.

Need more info or someone to check your closet for monsters?
KimKellyLindsay and Johan are at your service, goosebumps and everything!

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