With the summer finally approaching and that miserable spring weather behind us, 

we’re ready to give you an update on how cinema performed these last months.


A few learnings:

1. Holidays, schmolidays

The different timings for the Easter Holidays in the north and south part of our country had no negative effect on cinema attendance. Quite the contrary; the ‘off’ period between both holidays was just as popular as the holiday weeks themselves. And for those advertisers who signed in on our Easter Promo… Well, that was a great move 😉


2. Long Live King Mario

We told you the Super Mario Movie was going to perform very well, but even we underestimated the power of the Italian plumber. In our forecast we predicted 450K, but we’re well over 550K now. On top of that, total cinema attendance between w15 and w20 was 30% higher (!!) than last year, for that same period.


3. More to Come

More than ever, we have absolute confidence in upcoming releases this summer and in September. End of year, that’s a given, obviously, but there’s no need to wait until then to put your ads on the big screen. Here’s a taste of things to come, and a small reminder we still have our Summer Promo in full effect, until the end of September. So for all things Back To School, cinema is, has been and always will be the place to be!


Need more info on all this or tips on how to prepare a perfect pre-cinema 

Summer Cocktail? KimKellyLindsay and Johan have everything you need.



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