Q4 2023

Summer’s gone and Barbenheimer can go relax now. They’ve earned it after spending a
good part of last summer as a Global Phenomenon. Our sincere congratulations, also,
to all cinema advertisers who decided to hitch their brand message to our Barbenheimer wagon.
Their campaign in our cinemas proved to be extremely (much more than even we anticipated) productive and worth every penny.
Well done!

But now that’s all a thing of the past, and we’re looking forward to a truly excellent Q4, movie-wise.

Here are the most anticipated movies for the next couple of months:



Q4 2023


And here they all are, in another beautiful and emotional edit that will make you feel all sorts of things. Please enjoy the Movies of Q4 and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.

Do you feel moved, energized, empowered or just simply in awe of these upcoming
cinematic masterpieces? Give Kim, Johan, Kelly or Lindsay a call and
have your brand be part of the 2023 EOY cinematic campaign!

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