Enjoy your next trip to Brightcity, and win a one-week cinema campaign!

“Brightcity? What on earth”

Well… you may remember our three previous visuals: the diner,

the bedroom and – that special one – the tattoos; In those lovely pieces of art you had to look for 10 hidden movies. Well, we have a fourth one now. Presenting: The Brightcity.

Brightcity is a complex drawing made by Arnaud Kool, a very talented artist living in Brussels. For our concept he created a visual of a busy street surrounded by shops. Shops that contain clues for 10 movies. So, have a good look around, imagine yourself walking in this street and try to find the 10 hidden movies. If you manage to find them all, you can win a ONE-WEEK CINEMA CAMPAIGN.* You have until 20/4/23 to participate. One important tip: these mo

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